Our Story

The Children’s Studio was started by a group of parents in Harfield Village in 1983. Originally the school had a strong art focus and a large studio space set aside for the children, giving the school its name. Since then, the school has grown and matured, and today is a highly respected, parent-owned Montessori school for children aged 2-6. Year after year families entrust us with their children’s early education, with many siblings, cousins and neighbors joining each other in the classrooms. We even have a number of parents who attended the school themselves as children now enrolling their own children, a testament to the great foundation they received that they hope to pass on to their own children.

What We Are About

At The Children’s Studio each child is encouraged to build a solid foundation of learning, respect and self-confidence. This gives them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Montessori Method
We follow the Montessori curriculum and method of teaching. We are members of SAMA (South African Montessori association) and also registered with social services and WCED (Western Cape Education Department)

Click to see more about Montessori – SAMA parent information booklet

Parent-Owned School
The Children’s Studio is a parent-owned school, meaning we do not receive any government subsidies and are completely self-sustaining. We work closely with the parent elected Executive Committee.

We value children being able to express themselves though creativity and provide opportunities for this throughout each day.

Homely & Nurturing
We take care to ensure our environment helps children feel comfortable, nurtured and cared for.

Safe & Secure
Our environment is well maintained, in all areas, to allow children to be free to explore and experiment – an essential part of the learning process.

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What we hope to achieve

Every day the Children’s Studio staff and community aim to enrich your child’s life in ways that will have a lasting impact as they move out into the world. Specifically, we hope:

To stimulate the child’s innate love of learning
To provide a nurturing, co-operative learning environment
To incorporate all the senses in the learning experiences
To consider the development of the whole child
To encourage respect for oneself, others and the environment
To offer an integrated approach to learning, with all learning areas interwoven and connected
To provide an environment based on freedom within limits so that a sense of responsibility is fostered
To facilitate the development independence through meaningful work
To create a learning environment that allows the child to realise the value of independence and interdependence To help the child become a citizen of the world